Integrated Visibility Solutions

OASYS offers best of breed solutions for network level visibility, analysis, and packet collection and mining. Systems offered are complete and can include peripheral packet brokers, TAPs, packet storage appliances, virtual versions, and fast packet mining tools. Solutions are scalable and can be controlled from a central location.  Contact us to discuss your application and and we can prepare a quotatioin for a complete monitoring solution that continually provides accurate reports. Having an inte+liegent infrastrucure to collect and profile network activity at the packet level is essential for effective ITSM. Use packet data to confirm that your APM/NPM and security tools are working correctly. Packets don't lie!

Packet Storage and Mining

Our experience enables us to offer comprehensive solutions that can span the cloud, physical networks, virtual networks, VM environments, and correlate relative information. OASYS will supply manufacturer appliances or can build the appliance to support  visibility using disaggregated software and baremetal server switches or whiteboxes. For low to medium performance requirements we can build servers using high performance network adapters, however, our Manufacturer Partners' systems are optimized for the highest performance avaialble. Many solutions can be provided for limitted engagements enabling you to use our solutions as a Service under OPEX rather than owning hardware and software.

Garland Technology
Network TAPs and Packet Brokers
Easy to Use OmniPeek (Formerly WildPackets)
VIsibility for your Tools
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ZPE Systems
Out of Band Management
24X7 Woldwide Availability
High Performance Network Adapters
Maintenance and Support Contracts

Maintain Visibility

Virtualization and SDN deployments result in a hybrid enterprise and this will cause blind spots for your monitoring strategy. OASYS helps you identify how to maintain visibility for your management tools. You will find us a valuable resource when migrating familiar elements (firewalls, load balancers etc.) to virtual solutions and see that we that add value to the client-vendor relationship..

Comprehensive Services

Our Installation and Professional Services include worldwide logistics, planning, installation, configuration and maintenance contracts as well as a 24X7 Remote and On-site Network Operations Center support. For most worldwide locations we can offer fast response times and help you develope a co-terminated maintenance strategy  for all of you IT Infrastructure.


Since 1993 our diligence to offering proven solutions continue to help clients manage system lifecycles with a constant eye on reducing Total Cost of Ownership year over year while enhancing IT's value to the business through our continual service improvement philosophy. OASYS quickly responds toclient requests assisting in compliance, Service Level Verification, quotations, staging and coordinating delivery, to insure smooth operations.


PROBLEM: How does an organization keep a talented supplier that adds value to the business objectives engaged while consolidating procurement to a reduced set of fulfillment partners and still gain cost reduction? SOLUTION: Procurement, with the recommendation from department managers, advises the talented supplier to work under the new partner and directs the new partner to use the talented supplier for a category of relative products.


For over 23 years we have focused on helping clients choose and integrate related network elements and services that operate at several layers to unify systems for the IT Service Management ITSM process. Rather than dealing with multiple suppliers we can put together complete solutions that include several manufacturers’ product. Our staff is ITILv3 Certified and familiar with SixSigma and organized frameworks and the techniques and tools to continually improve processes.