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Comprehensive VoiP monitoring features
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Savvius is Extensible - Roll your own, Integrate as an NFV, or add the Dashboard for  Splunk

OASYS Services
24X7 Woldwide Support is enabled by distributed tools and Savvius OmniPeek is easy to deploy and use.

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High Performance Network Adapters that work well with the Savvius solutions for Windows.
silicom high performance network adapters
High Performance Network Adapters that work well with the Savvius solutions for Windows.
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With the Savvius for Splunk App, data from any number of Capture Engines can be viewed in Splunk dashboards as an aggregated set or individually.


Savvius builds software and hardware products for network and security professionals. WildPackets was rebranded as Savvius in April of 2015. The new name reflects the company’s success in expanding its line of network performance management products and a new commitment to using its expertise in network investigations to enhance security forensics.


To be effective, network monitoring should provide a comprehensive understanding of network health for all network segments, wired and wireless, under management. OmniPeek provides that comprehensive understanding for IT engineers in enterprises and SMBs. OmniPeek serves as a "single pane of glass" for monitoring local networks, remote networks, the NOC, branches offices and other locations, and both wired and wireless networks (including wireless 802.11ac WLANs). OmniPeek Enterprise, our flagship version of OmniPeek, supports local packet capture and also serves as a console for remote Capture Engines distributed across the network. It enables IT engineers to monitor any network segment, viewing both long-term trends and up-to-the-minute packet captures for detailed investigations.

Savvius Vigil

Savvius Vigil is the first network appliance able to intelligently store months of packet-level information to enhance security investigations. With Savvius Vigil, packets related to a breach can be examined weeks or months after the incident occurs. This information is often vital to a full understanding of the threat.

Omnipliances for Network Monitoring

The Omnipliance family of hardware is the fastest, most reliable network appliances available anywhere for packet capture and analysis. Network monitoring means more than watching trend lines and waiting for alerts. It also means finding and fixing intermittent problems. Without network forensics, intermittent problems can be difficult to resolve. Users might complain about a problem, but it's passed. Coincidence? Or complex interaction? By providing a long-term record of network activities, Omnipliances make an IT organization's network monitoring more comprehensive and actionable. Get the whole picture with network forensics.

Please call OASYS at 973-838-5535 or email us at to discuss your application or to request an evaluation of Savvius products.

What's New in OmniPeek Network Analysis 9.0

Layer 7 application classification and analysis Leveraging Procera Networks' Network Application Visibility Library (NAVL) for Deep Packet Inspection, OmniPeek 9.0 provides improved real-time, Layer-7 classification of network traffic and introduces a new application-analysis dashboard. Layer-7 application intelligence is especially helpful for identifying applications such as YouTube that use HTTP protocols. Geo-location identification OmniPeek 9.0 works with IP registry databases to report the known location of IP addresses. Engineers can sort IP addresses by city and country and quickly determine where traffic is coming from or going to. VoIP call playback for 64-bit versions of OmniPeek 64-bit versions of OmniPeek now support VoIP call playback. Enhanced ProtoSpecs Savvius ProtoSpecs are XML-based specifications for protocols. Omni 9.0 includes improvements to our ProtoSpecs libraries, including improved support for encapsulated protocols such as GRE. New and enhanced decodes Omni 9.0 also includes improvements to decodes, including decodes for OpenFlow.

What's New in Capture Engine for OmniPeek 9.0

Splunk integration Capture Engine & Omnipliances now support new Savvius for Splunk dashboards to enable the seamless collection and reporting of their network analytics for operational insight and correlation with other network- and business-related data. Savvius for Splunk dashboards are available from SplunkBase for installation in Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud. TCPDump remote adapter Our TCPDump plug-in been replaced by a more robust remote adapter. Engineers can use TCPdump to capture traffic from remote servers where Capture Engines or Omnipliances are not available. Layer-7 application classification and analysis See description above in the OmniPeek 9.0 description. Geo-location identification See description above in the OmniPeek 9.0 description.